The Weekly Dig: Issue 9 ☞ Don't Worry Darling, terrazzo, and restoring a French chateau

The Weekly Dig: Issue 9 ☞ Don't Worry Darling, terrazzo, and restoring a French chateau

Image montage: Movie poster snippet (top), Warner Bros; Terrazzo collection photos (bottom) by Stephen Paul

Happy Sunday!

In 2020 we moved out to Palm Springs to be surrounded by the midcentury architecture that inspired us (including the summer 2021 terrazzo collection). It’s only fitting that we attended opening night of Don’t Worry Darling, the dystopian drama that (good or bad) the tabloids couldn’t stop talking about. Despite leaving your head scratching, it visually portrayed our little idyllic town perfectly (minus the patriarchy). Believe it or not, we shot the terrazzo collection in the same location as the film.

Aside from that brief jaunt to the local theater, we’ve been gearing up for the checker collection launch dropping next week. Read on for your daily dose of links and a sneak peek of the 2 new designs in all of its glory.

- Gab & Drew

Links we’re diggin:

How to nail the artfully austere interior look.

Dog-friendly accommodation ideas.  

A landmark Palm Springs home in the swiss-miss style is on the market.

Checker pattern is still going strong. 

The wallpaper queens of NY.

Mother & daughter restore a historic chateau.

How pop culture helps name our dogs

This pastel-playful home in LA. 

Tinder matching, but with dogs.

Dolly Parton now has a pet apparel line.

This 18th century mill in France has been turned into a B&B, and it’s for sale.

From a historic church to a cozy home.

The history of the Parisian salon.

Fun sculpture

The fun color and pattern in this Yucca Valley home.

This ultra-sustainable small house in Australia. 

Another homage to the Don’t Worry Darling filming locations in Palm Springs. 

The science of dogs and their people.

Aruba will pay you to bring your dog along.

The rich colors and textures in this Warsaw bar, oh my. 

Your Paris fashion week cheat sheet. 


Dog Ownership

A wagging tail might not always be a good thing.

Inside the Labradoodle breed.

Why you should let your dogs sniff on walks


10 tricks you can easily teach your dog.

The reality of grain-free dog food.


Checker Collection

 Coming Soon: Checker Collection

Our latest collection brings a modern checker pattern to the home. Made with 100% recycled polyester threads and designed in Los Angeles, this is a collection you won't want to miss.

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