The Weekly Dig: Issue 10 ☞ Etsy Holiday Gift Guide, Dog's in costumes, unique interiors.

The Weekly Dig: Issue 10 ☞ Etsy Holiday Gift Guide, Dog's in costumes, unique interiors.

Photo by Michael Clifford

Hi everyone! 

Lots to catch you up on. Here are a few big highlights from the last few weeks:

#1 - Nicole Richie picks LAY LO!: We were selected by Nicole Richie in her Etsy holiday gift guide! We like to imagine that Nicole’s house is now filled with multiple LAY LO beds in every room of her house…(one can dream, right?) You can check out Nicole’s picks here > and find our store here >.

#2 - Checker Collection Launch: As we continue to shift our company toward more sustainable practices, it was a huge win to find access to yarn made from recycled PET bottles. After months of testing to ensure the same softness and durability as our current beds, we were ready to go live this week. You can check out the collection here >

#3 - Win a LAY LO™ bed: We’re partnering with some cool pet brands on an amazing giveaway. more details below. 

Creating these newsletters is a source of fun for us, and going forward we’ll be sure to give a little glimpse into what it’s like to bootstrap and grow a small business in addition to some cool links. Thanks for following along! 

Gab & Drew

Founders, LAY LO

Links we’re diggin:

The dogs of modern homes

Aisle9 gave us a lovely shout-out.

The quaint world you see when you pull off the highway. 

Damien Hirst burns his art.

The fun checker patterns in these wooden chairs

Materials galore in this rooftop restaurant interior at the Ace.

This stunning lakeside Austrian home by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

5-minutes to better typography (presentation).

Vintage Hermés fold and knot guide.

Life wisdom from designer Diane Von Furstenberg

6-figure art by a 10 year old 

Green is the color of this Palm Desert restaurant interior (and one of our new favorites in town):

This holiday home bunker nestled in grassy dunes is a place to retreat. 

Nicole Richie chooses some holiday gifts with Etsy.

The absolute cutest Halloween costumes for your pup.

Dog tips:

How to keep your pup safe during Halloween.

A Halloween your dog will love and remember.

Speaking of candy, it’s always good to have a refresher on the food your dog can’t eat

Tips for socializing your puppy in those early months.

How to crate train your pup [video].


LAY LO Giveaway Dog Laying on Bed

Win a LAY LO™ Bed

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