The Weekly Dig: Issue 11 ☞ Whimsical Dog Illustrations, Miles Davis's Art, Lautner Home Tour.

The Weekly Dig: Issue 11 ☞ Whimsical Dog Illustrations, Miles Davis's Art, Lautner Home Tour.

Hi friends!

We’re settling into the beginning of “the season” here. While it may not be freezing where we are (yet 65 degrees is considered “chilly”), we’re staying cozy working on some fun new products, teaching Stella some new tricks, and surfing the cosmic webs for cool inspiration.

If you missed last month, we launched our latest Checker collection, our first beds made from recycled threads. Also in the coming weeks we’ll be announcing a new bed liner that’s 100% waterproof to protect your mattress from accidents. More to come :)

Now, onto the links.

Gab & Drew

Links we’re diggin:

Artist James Turrell designed perfume bottles.


The lost art of marbling.


These hilarious dog-themed meme costumes were spot-on this past halloween.

Zillow listings gone wild.

Did you know Miles Davis made art?

Your dog dressed for fall.

The best Youtube music videos before they hit 1m views.

This home tour of a famous Lautner home in LA [video]. 

A Solar-powered hotel in Oaxaca 

A home exchange program for architecture lovers. Like this cool house

Mapping the unique and historic roadside attractions.

This beautiful prefab workspace you can drop anywhere.

The strange comfort of jet lag.

Wonderfully colorful dog illustrations.

Capturing the essence of the local newsstand.

Mid-century, autumn logos.  

A world-record attempt through the most beautiful train route on earth.

Funny reasons we travel. 

Plan your next Modernism week and tour some amazing homes.

A beautiful architectural desert resort that’s covered in canvas.

The kitchen of the week

A walk through the jaw-dropping Vitra furniture company campus.

Doggy Homeschool

Ways to keep your dog off the couch.

How to clean puppy pee stains

Teaching your pup to sit pretty.

Helping your dog “check-in” with you.