Master pet parenting alongside world-class experts.

Raise the very best dog at home with 1:1 online mentorship from certified R+ trainers, groomers and nutritionists.

You and your pup better together, guaranteed.

For the last 5 years, we've helped thousands of people improve life at home with their dogs through our award-winning products and online support from our expert collective. And with Homeschool's "better pup" guarantee, you'll rest easy knowing that there is no better place to train than at home with the person your dog trusts the most, you.

1:1 Online Training

Train 1:1 with us at home or on the go.

Train on your terms with 1:1 live video calls accompanied by your dedicated certified force-free dog trainer and a roster of other dog specialists. We'll coach you in real-time, giving you the confidence to be the very best pet parent you can be.

Your pup questions answered whenever, wherever.

From behavioral questions to nutrition tips, your dedicated team is here to answer any questions you have so you can stop asking google and gain some peace of mind. Send videos of your pup + get real-time advice from certified experts.
Personalized Training Plans

Custom plans made for your dog's needs.

Based on your dog’s breed, adoption story and training knowledge, our team (no bots here!) will create a unique custom plan with weekly milestones and homework designed to meet your goals. Say goodbye to generic group classes and hello to tailored one-on-one lessons.
Expert Video Courses

A lifetime of learning at your paws & fingertips.

We're here for your dog's lifetime. With unlimited access to our growing video course library, 20+ expert-led videos, daily challenges, nutrition calculators and shopping lists, you and your dog will be unstoppable.
Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed results you can feel really good about.

We couldn't be more committed to your success. Our unique training guarantee gives you the confidence to get started without the risk. If you're not 100% satisfied with Homeschool, you can choose to get your money back OR continue training, on us.

Get started with Homeschool

Homeschool provides a holistic approach to improving life at home with your dog.

From 1:1 training, to nutrition and grooming, you'll get the support you need with guaranteed results.

1. Schedule a free dog evaluation

Schedule your dog evaluation with a certified expert to better understand you and your pup.

2. Receive your personalized plan

Your plan will be completely tailored to you and your pup's needs and discussed live.

3. Learn from the best of the best.

Start your journey with 1:1 live video sessions and unlimited messenger support with your assigned trainer.

Trusted by 1,000+ pup parents

What can we help you with?

From new puppies to specific behavioral challenges, our certified team will build a custom program to help you and your pup succeed.

Dog Training & Behavior

From the smallest trick, to solving challenging behaviors, our certified force-free dog trainers are here to help you and your pup succeed.

Potty Training

General Obedience

New Puppy Fundamentals

Crate Training

Separation Anxiety

Reactivity and Aggression

& More

Nutrition Advice

What to feed your dog to live their best life? Our nutritionists can answer your biggest questions that match you and your dog's lifestyle.

Recipe Formulation

Vitamins & Supplement Advice

Weight Management

Nutrition-intake Calculator

Breed-Specific Diets

& More

Grooming Care

Grooming at home can be daunting. Learn the basics that will keep your dog healthy and clean.

Safe Nail Cutting

Effective Baths

Ear Cleaning

Brushing and Combing

Cooperative Care

& More

Meet some of our experts

Why Homeschool?

When training your dog online, there's no place like home and no better trainer than you.

Reduced Distractions

Training in your dog’s home environment without new smells and distractions is proven to drive faster long-term results.

Increased Safety

For fearful, aggressive or shy dogs, virtual training can be a lot less frightening than an unfamiliar environment with unknown people and dogs. By training in your dog’s “safe space”, you are making the process less overwhelming for them (and you!)

Anywhere, Anytime Support

With our 24/7 messaging support, you’ll get experts on call to help calm any puppy blues and/or analyze your training progress. Why wait between sessions when you can get the support you need daily.

Guaranteed Results

If you are not satisfied with the dog’s progress after the program, we will give you your money back* OR continue to train with you for 4 more weeks free of cost.

Get Ahead of the Problem

With virtual, you can start as early as 8-weeks (instead of the typical 16), ensuring that your dog is beginning training during their prime weeks of learning and development.

Get the Family Involved

Don’t let schedules get in the way of everyone training. With virtual calls and an extensive video library, the whole family can get involved wherever they are.

Ready to start training?
$25 / Week

Homeschool Lite

Message on-demand with certified dog experts and get 1:1 help twice a week.

Cancel anytime.


Private Office Hours

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Insider Community Access

Course Membership Library - Limited Access

$125 / Week

Homeschool Premium

Personalized, private 1:1 online training with your dedicated dog expert. Guaranteed results.

4, 6 and 8 week packages available

Intensive Pup Evaluation

1x Weekly Live 1:1 Sessions (45 min)

2x Weekly Private Office Hours


Personalized Training Plan

LAY LO™ Product Discounts

Homeschool Training Guarantee*

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Insider Community Access

Course Membership Library - Full Access ($150 value)

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