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Inspired from the world. Designed for your home.

Inspired by the sights, sounds, and colors of Northern Africa, we're bringing an every day look to these global prints. Our boho dog beds blend in with any decor while giving dogs the orthopedic comfort they need for a good night's rest.

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Boho in the home

We sat down with 3 interior designers to talk about life with their dogs at home. From beach side bungalows to architectural masterpieces, we see how the worlds of design and pets collide.

Monica Wang's Urban Oasis

"As neutral as my house is, these colors blend in while letting me mix it up."

Kristin Dion's Venice Bungalow

“Living in Venice, we’re outside a lot so I love how these colors perfectly complement the earthy tones of our backyard. It just belongs. ”

Tamara Honey's Mountain Top Estate

“Despite pets being viewed as extended family, why is there a second tier design standard for them? I love that I finally found a bed that fits so well in our eclectic home.”