Raise the very best puppy at home with daily support from certified trainers

A proven program that combines a premium course with 1:1 online mentorship from certified R+ trainers, groomers and nutritionists.

Puppy Satisfaction Guarantee

Over 1000+ Happy Parents ★★★★★

Lifetime Access

Raise your Puppy with Confidence

This isn't your average puppy course. In addition to our self-paced video lessons, you'll also have access to certified positive-reinforcement trainers to help you every step of the way. From puppy manners to independence and potty training, join 1000+ other owners in raising your pup with confidence.

40+ Video Courses

Step by step tutorials by world-class experts with lifetime access.

8x 1:1 Training Sessions

Speak to a trainer to help guide you through.

Daily Text Support

Text us videos and questions anytime.

Who is this puppy program for?

We know getting a new puppy is hard. With everything you try, it seems to only be getting worse. But what if you had a coach to guide you and guarantee your success?

If you’re looking for the structure and flexibility of a self-paced course with the personalization and accountability of a 1:1 trainer to guide you along the way, then you’ve come to the right place.
Course Video Library: Lifetime Access ($199 Value)

Everything you need for your puppy's first year

Our 40+ expert-led video courses lead you through a lifetime of learning. From manners to life skills to preventing common behavioral issues, we are here to build your foundational relationship together.

What you'll learn

From basic life skills to manners, this self-paced program will provide you with the tools and personal advice to help you and your puppy succeed.

Potty Training

Build the routine and know the cues to eliminate accents, build bladder control and ensure your pup learns when and where to go to the bathroom.

Leash Training & Socialization

Introduce your puppy to the leash effectively so you can go around the block or sitting at a restaurant.

Crate Training

With crate training, you can help your pup feel confident with their independence and reduce their anxiety.

Puppy Manners

From cues like "sit" and "touch" to skills like "stay" and "heel" — you and your pups will have the key knowledge to build your communication together.

Stop Jumping, Barking & Instill Calmness

Learn how to build mental and physical stimulation together in order to help your pup stay relaxed and calm near or far from home.

Solve Chewing & Biting

Help your pup redirect chewing and biting so you can safely have them interact with the family.

Plus, all the personal support you need

In addition to our full course program, our training team is available to you 1:1 at anytime to help answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure you're set up for success.

Included Text Support ($49 Value)

Text an expert with questions anytime

We know questions come up when training your pup. That's why we offer a bonus 4 week access to text-a-trainer, for free. Get the answers you need, when you need them.
Included 1:1 Virtual Sessions ($199 Value)

Get live video support with a certified trainer

Everyone needs a little help. Each puppy program comes with a 30 min behavior evaluation call as well as 8x 15-minute check-in sessions with a certified trainer to get the support you need.

Our 1000+ Reviews

You and your puppy better together, guaranteed.

For the last 5 years, we've helped thousands of people improve life at home with their dogs through our award-winning products and online support from our expert collective. And with Homeschool's "better pup" guarantee, you'll rest easy knowing that there is no better place to train than at home with the person your dog trusts the most, you.

Developed alongside world-class experts

There's no better time to train your pup.

When training your dog online, there's no place like home and no better trainer than you which is why online training is one of the best (and safest!) training methods for puppies. Here’s why: 

Reduced Distractions

With virtual training, your puppy can focus. Training in your dog’s home environment without new smells and distractions is proven to drive faster long-term results.

Increased Safety

Unvaccinated pups are vulnerable to dangerous illnesses like parvo and distemper which makes enrolling in puppy classes a big no no. With Homeschool virtual dog training, you can start as early as 8-weeks and know that your pup is safe. 

Build your Bond

Puppies go through multiple fear periods in the first year where training regresses because they are unsure of their surroundings. By training in your dog’s “safe space”, you are making the process less overwhelming for them (and you!)

Guaranteed Results

If you are not satisfied with your puppy's progress after the program, we will give you your money back* OR continue to train with you for 4 more weeks free of cost.

Prevent Puppy Problems

With virtual, you can start as early as 8-weeks (instead of the typical 16), ensuring that your dog is beginning training during their prime weeks of learning and development.

Affordable 1:1 Training

Private in person training can be expensive costing between $100-$250 / session. With this program, you'll get personalized live support from the comfort of your home.

Ready to get started?
What's Included

Puppy Program All-Access

Message on-demand with certified dog experts and get 1:1 help twice a week.

✅ Lifetime access to 40+ puppy courses

✅ 1-month access to our text-a-trainer SMS service

✅ 8x 15-min video sessions with your trainer

- B O N U S -

✅ Free 30-min Behavior Evaluation [$49 Value]

✅ 10% Off Premium 1:1 Training Packages [$125 Value]

✅ 15% Off LAY LO™ Brand Products [$35 Value]

✅ Homeschool Training Satisfaction Guarantee

Total Cost: $199 ($475 Value)

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