What Makes a Great Dog Bed – According to LAY LO

What Makes a Great Dog Bed – According to LAY LO

Does your dog share your bed? No judgment; we invite our dogs up too. Still, they need their own place to sleep and relax. Besides, dogs spend about 12 to 14 hours a day sleeping anyways and having a great dog bed can really help them. 

A bed gives them a sense of comfort and security. It also gives them a place they can call their own. Plus, as an added bonus, when dogs have their own bed, this reduces the amount of dirt that will otherwise end up on your furniture. 

But, a great dog bed is the one that perfectly marries your style (how it looks) with your pet’s style (how comfortable it is for them). Still, it seems crazy to realize that these beds aren’t easier to find. That’s why we tried and tested so many designs and styles as we created LAY LO to find the perfect balance between style and functionality. 

At LAY LO, we want to help you find the perfect dog bed for your canine companion, so we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right dog bed. 

best dog bed size

How to Choose a Dog Bed Size

Much like yourself, dogs have preferences when it comes to sleeping. To find the ideal dog bed for your furry friend, you need to consider many things, like their breed, age, size, coat, and habits. These elements all play a role in what makes a great dog bed. 

A quick way to find the right bed size is to use your dog’s weight as a reference:

  • Small: for dogs up to 40 lbs. 
  • Medium: suitable for dogs up to 60 lbs.
  • Large: for dogs up to 120 lbs. 
  • Extra-large: ideal for dogs over 120 lbs. 

If you have the precise measurements of the dog bed, you can also measure your pup. While they sleep, measure them from the tip of their nose all the way to their rump; and from their head to their paws. These measurements will help you find the exact bed size for your dog. 

dog beds that match your style

Finding the One That Matches You

Still, in the end, the most prominent element that makes a great dog bed is finding one that matches you and your style. Your dog is part of your family, your home, and your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a modern dog bed, a bohemian dog bed, or a minimalistic dog bed, having one that matches your home’s aesthetic shouldn’t be a compromise. 

This is why at LAY LO, our dog beds are not only designed with the needs of your pup in mind. As design lovers, we set a goal to develop beautiful dog beds that would adapt to interior design trends. That could change with us as our decor changed. Because if you can swap your sofa covers, why wouldn’t you switch your dog bed’s cover as the seasons change?

Choosing the Best Dog Bed

You can’t judge a book by its cover, nor a dog bed. Much like choosing a mattress, choosing the best dog bed is about looking at the insides. 

Consider the Shape

Nowadays, you can find dog beds in all sorts of shapes. Most traditionally, you have either round or rectangular dog beds. If your pup always walks around in a tight circle before plopping into a wall, they’ll enjoy a round dog bed. 

For dogs that like to sleep on one side with their legs straight or constantly change from being curled up and sprawling out, a rectangular bed will keep them comfortable all night long.

Elements of a Great Dog Bed

Choosing a dog bed is very much like choosing a mattress. You look at things like the fillings, and it all depends on your specific needs and preferences. A spun-polyester fill is very soft, hypoallergenic and it’s great for most dogs. They’re also cooler than memory foam and provide excellent support for pups with orthopedic problems. 

You can also find some dog beds with polystyrene pellets filling, which is excellent for dogs that like to dig in before settling down. They’re shape-conforming and warming, so that they might be great for specific breeds. 

Think of the Architecture

This might sound weird at first, but the design of your dog bed makes a huge difference. For example, if your dog loves to rest its head on your pillow at night, a bed with a bolster is probably the best option.

  • Pillow style: these are your classic pen design dog bed, available in round and rectangular shapes. 
  • Bolster style: these are perfect for dogs that like a place to rest their head while still offering a cozy and open-enough environment for them to sprawl and stretch while they sleep. 
  • Wraparound style: these are perfect for cuddlers since these beds are enclosed on all sides, giving them 360-security and comfort. 

Don’t Forget About Your (and Your Pups) Special Needs.

As you look for the right dog bed for your pup, you have to consider any special needs either of you has. For example, if your pup is a chewer, you want to find beds with woven covers to prevent the fabric from tearing under abuse. 

At the same time, as a dog-owner, you probably don’t need another task on your to-do list. So finding a washable dog bed is an additional plus you have to consider when determining what makes a great dog bed. 

Finally, you have to consider your use. Most pet owners have at least two or three dog beds around for different occasions. If you travel with your dog, an easy-to-carry dog bed is a must-have on your packing list. 

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your pup’s next bed. And, don’t worry, they can still jump on the bed now and then.