The Ultimate Laylo Pets Guide to Pet-friendly Home Décor

The Ultimate Laylo Pets Guide to Pet-friendly Home Décor

The Ultimate Laylo Pets Guide to Pet-friendly Home Décor

A pet-friendly design is all about creating a space for your pet to work with your home décor. The truth is, designing a pet-friendly home that finds the balance between your aesthetic and your dog's needs is no easy feat. More often than not, your pet's idea of comfort doesn't really align with your idea of interior styling. We all know that pets can leave their fair share of mess on a day-to-day basis, running the look and feel of your home. 

So, how do you solve this decorating dilemma? Is it even possible to find the equilibrium between your home looking stylish and your furry friend having a functional space? Keep reading for some fool-proof tips on pet-friendly home décor that will look on-trend for years on end.  

Choose Fur-resistant Upholstery

One of the first things to consider when creating a pet-friendly interior is remembering that pets tend to shed. There's nothing more uninspiring than glancing over the couch or your bold accent chair to see nothing but layers of hair. The reason why seeking pet-proof furniture is a must-do when decorating. 

Stay away from velvet, corduroy, and any delicate fabric that will gather hair quickly. Instead, opt for tapestry, leather, and even synthetic materials in which hair will slide right off.

On that same note, you might also want to opt for scratch- and bite-resistant furniture, especially if you're getting an untrained puppy. Quickly, you'll learn the hard way that your precious puppy thinks your furniture (not its toys) is more fun to play with. Choose solid furniture materials like metal to give longevity to your pieces. 

Consider Rolling Up the Rug

Lovers of all-things décor love having an accent rug in every room. But, every pet owner knows rugs collect hair, can be a hassle to clean, and there's really no one way to protect it from those puppy accidents fully. One of the easiest ways to create a pet-friendly interior is to roll up the rug and let your flooring take center stage. 

Nonetheless, a rug is one of those interior décor accents that can really make a space feel complete. So, if rolling up the rug isn't in your list of home décor must-haves you're willing to sacrifice for your pup, worry not; there are other options. 

"If you have a pet, I'd avoid buying high-end rugs. Everyone from Anthropologie to West Elm offers more affordable versions of Moroccan rugs that allow you to live together with ease." Tamara Honey, founder of House of Honey.

Pick fabrics that will hide your dog's hair and that are washable. Think, seagrass or sisal rugs that will go with any décor. They're durable enough to handle your pets, and they're affordable enough not to feel guilty if they get grungy. In the meantime, you might want to leave that heirloom Persian rug for another room where your dog doesn't spend much time. 

Match Your Interior Décor

When thinking about pet-friendly design, opting for matchy-matchy styles is the easiest way to create a beautiful space. There's no need to go overboard with your pet's sleeping area, but you still want to find a dog bed that's as similar to your décor as you possibly can. Their bed should seamlessly blend with the furniture you already have. 

Choosing a modern dog bed that matches your interior décor is key to a pet-friendly home. Doing so will not only make them feel at home, but it will ensure you don't have to keep hiding your pet's space every time you have home visits. 

Bring Color with Non-toxic Plants

Every interior décor lover knows that plants can instantly elevate a space. But plants and pets are not always best friends. More than once, a beautiful plant that would be the perfect accent next to that new side table isn't pet-friendly. So, make sure to ask Google about your new green babies' toxicity before you bring them home. 

Some gorgeous plants that will look amazing in your home décor without hurting your pets include:

  • Rattlesnake plant
  • Spider plant
  • Calathea 
  • Bird's nest fern
  • Boston fern
  • Watermelon peperomia
  • Orchids
  • Baby tears
  • Areca palm 

Consider Built-ins

If you have space and worry about finding the perfect furniture for your dog-friend, consider built-ins. Built-in furniture gives you full control over the look and feel of their space and will give your dog an area that will always be there for them. Built-ins for food and water bowls, beds, and even toys are an excellent way to train your pets too. 

If you choose to create a built-in space for them, make sure you add small items to make it personal to your pet. While you can control how it looks to match your décor, make sure you're fine-tuning it to create a space your pet will love to spend time in. 

Get Creative with Doggy Doors

Depending on your house and your pet, you'll have a doggy door installed. Still, there is no need to settle on those old-looking, almost grungy plastic doggy doors. Get creative and channel your inner DIYer to transform your doggy door into a statement. Choose bold colors, try different materials that better suit your décor, and think of ways to hide the doggy door using DIY carpentry. 

Designate a Play Area

Last but not least, keep everything together. Every pet owner knows that all those toys, blankets, and treats can quickly overrule the living room and take away your inner peace. Set a designated play area that holds your pet's toys, accessories, and other goodies. A smart pet-friendly home décor trick is to choose woven baskets to organize everything better. 

Be Prepared for Accidents

Guess what? Even when you follow the ultimate guide to pet-friendly home décor, accidents are bound to happen. Be ready with heavy-duty cleaning companions designed to clean hair, remove odors, erase pet stains, and keep your home smelling crispy fresh. 

Always have around a lint roller to quickly pick up hair from the couch. An air purifier can help you filter the air and dander that accumulates in your house. A pet-proof carpet cleaner and odor neutralizer are two cleaning items that deserve a permanent spot in every pet owner’s house. Look for ones with natural ingredients that eliminate stains and odors without harming your furry friend. 

Designing a pet-friendly interior is all about considering the details. Your home is uniquely yours. With pets becoming part of our extended family, thinking about incorporating their space into ours is the key to finding the perfect balance. These quick tips and tricks show that pet-friendly home décor can be stylish and functional for both you and your furry friends.