Laying Low with Marissa Roseillier

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Our homes are a direct reflection of our personalities, our style, and our lifestyle. Laying low is a celebration of the homes we live in and how we embrace sharing this space with our beloved pets. In this opportunity, we sat down with Marissa Roseillier, a lifestyle photographer based in Chicago and Los Angeles, and husband Nico Roseillier, Creative Director for State Optical Co and American Optical.

Marissa runs her photography firm sharing plenty of lifestyle inspiration with everyone. She and her husband Nico share their house with their two children and beautiful dog Coco. Walking through their home is impossible to miss their passion for photography, design, and the inspiration from the southern California desert.

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Your pup at a glance

Name: Coco

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog & Blue Heeler

Age: 5 years old

How would you describe your dog's personality?

Coco is a sweet, loyal, athletic, and loving girl. As a healer, she is happiest following the family around. Coco loves big hikes, swimming in lakes, and going on adventures. Although she was born and spent most of her early life in Los Angeles, she learned to love the snow.  

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Tell us about the first time you brought your dog home

Coco was 10 weeks old and came from a foster home. Her mom was rescued pregnant on the 5 freeway in Southern California. She came home right before Christmas, and the kids were thrilled. Right away, her heeler instinct kicked in as she starting nipping at the kid's heels in the backyard when they would play to herd them.

A common trait among heelers is herd and nip; she eventually grew out of that with proper training. When she was a puppy, she loved to dig in the backyard and was often covered in mud from nose to tail.  

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What sort of energy does your pup bring to your home?

She's the glue that keeps our family together. She can be mellow and calm or high energy once the boys rile her up or after her showers; she always gets the zoomies.

Describe your dog's favorite spot to hang out and sleep at night

At night she starts on our bed, laying in between my husband and me, but once we've fallen asleep, she jumps off to sleep on her favorite LAY LO bed. 

Describe your home and style

Without a doubt, it's a blend of mid-century modern meets a SoCal desert vibe. 

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If dogs and owners supposedly "look the same," does this reflect in the home design as well?

Her colors match our house, gray, black, and white. 

What factors do you consider when buying pet supplies?

Where it's made, comfortable, and style. These are really important for me, not in any particular order, but at least the sum of all of these qualities. 

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