Laying low with Emily Simms

emily simms dog in his modern dog bed by lay lo

In this edition of lying low, we explore Emily Simms' chaotic but perfectly balanced home. Her happy place blends color, texture and exudes pure happiness, much like what she experiences around Palma, her miniature Australian Shephard. Lying low celebrates the bohemian bungalows and modern architectural masterpieces. And we might spot a LAY LO bed in a corner if we look closely. 

Welcome to Emily Simm's home tour. Emily is a designer and photographer based in Brooklyn, originally from Baltimore. She specializes in art direction, visual identity, still life photography, and set design. Once you see her home space, you'll see how her work permeates into her design style. 

Your pup at a glance

Name: Palma 

Breed: Miniature Australian Shephard

Age: 7 Months

dog lying in a laylo modern dog bed

How would you describe your pup's personalities?

Warm and loving, playful. Occasionally spastic and vocal.  

Tell us about the first time you brought your dogs home?

I brought her home the day before my birthday last year. We drove up from Baltimore, and within 5 minutes of exploring her new home, she passed out under the coffee table on the shag rug. 

What sort of energy do your pups bring to your home?

Chaotic, but in a fun way. I've wanted an Aussie for years, and the timing was right with Palma. When my anxiety started to get out of control, she popped into my life and has been the perfect distraction from overthinking and other feelings that come with the territory. Since taking care of her has become a priority + she just "sparks joys."  

emily simms laylo bed

Describe your dog's favorite spot to hang out and sleep at night.

Palma is crate trained, so that's usually her spot at night; she typically goes in there on her own when it's time for bed.

She's always loved to lay right on top of the pillows on the couch, so she can easily stare out the window. She's a bit too big for them now, but she still tries. 

Describe your home and style.

My home style is like my dog's energy, chaotic but in a fun way. It's a mix of color, texture, and geometric forms that come together in a way that works, or at least I hope works. 

emily simms home

If dogs and owners supposedly "look the same," does this reflect in the home design as well?

I think so. I think certain colors and shapes are inherently a part of my "style" (at least for now), which translates to what I wear, the way my home looks and feels, and sometimes even Palma's leash or harness. So silly. 

What factors do you consider when buying pet supplies?

Like all things I buy, I try to make a conscious effort to support brands I believe in or their work. Like Found My Animal or visiting the local shop, Mr. Friendly, rather than ordering online + when it comes to food, trying to consume sustainably and healthily. All that to say, I am not perfect. I still order from chewy and amazon for supplies, and she goes through toys very quickly. 

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