Laying Low with Brigette Romanek

Laying Low with Brigette Romanek

Laying Low is a celebration of dogs and the ones that welcome them in. From beachside bungalows to architectural masterpieces, we are reminded that the simple presence of a dog can make a house a home.

Photos by Stephen Paul

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a passionate, caring, hard working woman, parent, and friend. I am an interior designer living in Los Angeles, California and I love all of the things I said above - I love being hard working, passionate and I love my kids, family and friends. Every single day, I wake up so grateful for my life and I love being a part of this world. I love the California light. I just come from a place of gratitude.

Brigette Romanek LAY LO Dog Beds Grid

Your pup at a glance

Name: Roxy Romanek Breed: Labradoodle Age:8
Name: Rufus Romanek Breed: Labradoodle Age: 7

Brigette Romanek LAY LO Dog Beds Grid

How would you describe your pups’ personalities?

Roxy - She is warm, kind, and sweet. All she wants to do is cuddle and be by your side.

Rufus - He’s playful, funny, slightly crazy and also loves to cuddle.

Brigette Romanek LAY LO Pets Black Grid Dog Bed

Tell us about the first time you brought your dog’s home?

Roxy - It was heaven when Roxy came home. The night before you pick up a puppy you kind of can’t sleep and you’re hoping it goes well. Afterwards, you’re worried about the training that goes along with having a puppy, but Roxy made it so easy.

She was so sweet. She didn’t bark or cause problems or chew anything and she’s remained the same since. She’s the warmest loveliest animal.

Rufus - Rufus was the total opposite. He was funny, loud and just wanted to play nonstop. He was always getting into something - just a typical puppy.

What sort of energy do your pups bring to your home?

Rufus - Rufus will come over to you and start pawing you and whimpering to get out if he’s been inside for too long. He’ll let you know. He brings the fun and unpredictable situations that dogs know how to bring, so he might come downstairs with a sock in his mouth or a stuffed animal.

Roxy - Roxy would never do any of that and will look at Rufus like, “What is wrong with you?” Her energy is whatever your energy is. If you are taking it easy in one spot then she’ll lay at your feet. She’s great and up for all of it.

Brigette Romanek Grid Dog Bed LAY LO

Describe your dog’s favorite spot to hang out and sleep at night.

Wherever I am. If I am in the bed, they will sleep right next to me.

Describe your home and style.

Eclectic and full of pieces that have personal meaning. It’s serene and livable lux.

If dogs and owners supposedly “look the same” does this reflect in the design of the home as well?

I didn’t realize it at first, but someone pointed out to me that my dogs are color coordinated with my house. My house is full of whites, browns and blacks just like them.

Brigette Romanek LAY LO Dog Beds Grid

What factors do you consider when buying pet supplies?

I want to know aesthetically what they look like and if it’s really going to be something that my animal is going to use. I know my dogs and what they will and won’t do. With food, it’s about the ingredients. I want fresh, organic and something that will provide nutrients for them. As a designer, even with the toys I buy, I want to make sure that they potentially can go with the house. If we were to think about this for ourselves as humans, the fabrics and sustainability affect how we make decisions. It doesn’t always happen in a perfect way, but this conversation becomes more and more prevalent and choices become better.