Crafting a surreal space in 3D with S T O A architecture studio

LAY LO Pets STOA Designer Dog Beds in Room

To help launch our latest grid dog bed collection, we partnered with S T O A  architecture studio to help us create a conceptual home that would bring the essence of the collection to life.

The result was a stunning, surreal, Italian villa that pulled inspiration from a variety of Italian design. It is a place that anyone, or any dog, would dream of.

We sat down with Alin, founder of S T O A, on his studio, his design process, and his inspiration for the room you see today.

LAY LO Grid Collection Dog Beds STOA Architecture

Tell us a little about yourself. What inspired you to start S T OA ?

Alin: My background is in architecture. When I’m not designing spaces or creating digital art, I love making coffee and food to friends and family; I like being a host. I am also keen to having an active lifestyle – fitness, basketball and a new hobby, tennis – though the current pandemic did have an impact on it. Being an architect is actually freeing in the sense of not being confiding to one job and one job only. It’s quite a multidisciplinary career, because you can experiment with so many passions and opportunities in this field that you have the option of switching lanes when getting bored. Hence, this ability of taking in different types of projects is the first reason for opening the new studio.

A second reason was the ambition and desire to express my own ideas or visions. But as an inspiration, I honestly think the quarantine – though was and still is such a terrible time – it had an impact on many, allowing the occasion for introspection and therefore the conjuncture for taking risks.

LAY LO Pets Grid Dog Bed Black STOA Architecture

Where do you draw your design inspiration for this conceptual home?

Alin: The Memphis Home is more so an homage to the 80’ design style with the same name. Being founded in Milan by architect and designer Ettore Sottsass, the amalgamation of Italian genius loci which can be summarized as grounded in tradition and the Memphis Group that eludes convention by chasing the radical sometimes reaching to outrageous outcomes.

Ultimately, these concepts created a dialogue of a space that is simultaneously bold, colorful, fun and anchored, homey, content. Not least of all, the dogs played an important role in tailoring the space.

LAY LO Tan Grid Dog Bed STOA Architecture

Walk us through the design process in conceptualizing this reimagined home? Where do you begin and how does it all come to life?

Alin: Like all architectural projects, it starts with the site. Though in our case the project takes place in a dream – a “dog’s dream” to quote Gabriela and Drew.

The next big part in the design process is performed by the client – Gabriela and Drew. Their ideas were already emerging since the Grid Collection was under way. They brought forth the ingredients of the space (transcendence, surrealism, a dog’s dream) and I, as a designer, had to envision a tailor-made recipe.

STOA LAY LO Pets Rendering of a room

A preview of the space before texture, lighting, and final render.

LAY LO Pets STOA Architecture

What are your favorite pieces in the imagined home?

Alin: Definitely the dogs! Additionally, the beds are such a well-designed minimalistic piece, they literally become an integral piece of the space. Lastly, the play of shadows is stunning to say the least.

Statue Close up LAY LO Pets STOA Architecture Grid Dog Bed

What's next for S T O A?

Alin: S T O A is still such a young office – is yet awaiting its first birthday – that my attention is drawn upon the now rather than towards the next. Of course, the strategy is as before to develop S T O A as a multidisciplinary design space which includes architecture, design, digital art and who knows…

About S T O A:

S T O A is the studio of Alin T. Stoica, an architect and archviz artist. You can find his work at @stoa.arh or on his website.

Alin STOA Architecture

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