Laying low with Brennan Pardee

Laying low with Brennan Pardee

Laying low is a celebration of dogs and the ones that welcome them in. From beachside bungalows to architectural masterpieces, we experience firsthand how the presence of a dog can make a house a home.

Brennan Pardee is a San Francisco native who moved to sunny Palm Springs a few years ago with his husband. Since then, he's made himself right at home as an Architectural Bike Tour Guide at Modern & More Palm Springs. He co-chairs his community's participation in Modernism set for Feb 21, 2021. 

At a glance

Name of pet(s): Jet (female, all black cat) and Spike (male Tuxedo cat)

Breed: American Shorthair (Jet), Tuxedo (Spike)

Age of pet (s): Jet 13 yo, Spike 3½ yo

How would you describe your pet's personality? 

Jet is an older lady, so she is very chill and can be very cuddly and affectionate. Spike, however, is a hyper teenage male cat with lots of unbridled energy, running around and bouncing off walls and climbing the breeze block wall in my kitchen. He’s crazy.

Tell us about the first time you brought your pet home?

Spike came from the Palm Springs Animal Shelter when he was only a 4-week-old ball of fuzz. We kept him separated from Jet for a few days in the guest room, where he hid most of the time. Eventually, he outgrew his shyness and started playing with Jet (when she decided she was in the mood; otherwise, she ignored him).

What sort of energy does your pet bring to your home? 

Since Spike is so energetic and hyper, his constant purring and adventurous nature makes this a very happy, active home.

Describe your pet’s favorite spot to hang out and sleep at night.

At night, Jet usually sleeps with us in bed, and sometimes Spike does too. They often curl up with each other at the foot of the bed. During the day, they catnap in a couple different places -- on a big green fluffy pillow, or on our new Laylo pet bed (Jet loves it!). Or even on my desk and, of course, my keyboard when I’m working.

Describe your style.

Living in sunny Palm Springs, I like to bring the bright colors of my desert resort city indoors. I like clean lines and simplicity, and eclectic items that work together -- such as my collection of vintage phones from around the world. I want my guests to smile when they arrive, so a bright and cheerful, stylish interior is important to me.

Describe your home.

Our home is a William Krisel-designed 1963 condo in Canyon View Estates in South Palm Springs. We remodeled it to be an updated version of midcentury modern style.

The living/dining area has a high vaulted ceiling with clerestory windows which enable us to see the palm trees and mountains all day. Dave and I have collected some key midcentury pieces of furniture and art over the years. They are showcased here very nicely.

It's not a huge home, just two bedrooms, and two baths, but it feels much larger. The patio is huge and serves as another living room. We use misters to cool the space in the summer and a big bright orange modern chimney to heat in the winter evenings.

If pets and owners supposedly "look the same," does this reflect in the home design as well?

This is a hard one. There's so much color in our home that one black cat and one black-and-white cat contrast very easily with space. They both have greenish-colored eyes, and we do have some pieces of furniture that match that exact shade of green, coincidentally.

What factors do you consider when buying pet supplies?

I really look for quality and style. I also like to have unique and design-forward items, so I don't feel like they need to be hidden in a quiet corner or closet. The Laylo bed looks great in our living room.

What has been the hardest part of owning a pet when it comes to products and/or maintenance? Any tips?

It took us a while to all agree on the best cat litter, frankly. The house's humans wanted absolutely no foul smell, and the felines wanted something comfortable on their paws. We settled on Feline Pine, which creates no odor and is biodegradable. It's available at most pet stores and Amazon. 

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