Our Fabrics

Stylish & Sturdy Cover
Our covers are truly where style meets durability. Using a proprietary durable yarn, we knit each pattern by machine and finish them by hand in Brooklyn, NY. The result is a unique dog bed that looks great in your home and feels great under your dog's body. The fabric designs are knitted, not dyed or printed, ensuring that your bed won't break down over time and the patterns will never wear away.


Waterproof Insert
Inside each Laylo bed is a soft memory foam haven waiting to be napped on. Surrounding that foam is a unique waterproof material that ensures even the worst drool, pee, or what ever else your dog throws at it will just bead right off — no washing machine needed.


Non-Slip Bottom
Every great bed needs a sturdy foundation. For Laylo, that comes in the form of a unique non-slip bottom that can hold it's own even on the most pristine floor surfaces. Put this bed in it's place and it will stay.