The Weekly Dig: Issue 7 ☞ Royal Style and Corgis

The Weekly Dig: Issue 7 ☞ Royal Style and Corgis

Photo: Getty Images / Lichfield Archive


A tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II’s life, style, and of course love of dogs. Plus some stunning architecture, menu designs that you'll love, and how to maximize natural light in your home.

The Queen 🇬🇧


Queen Elizabeth’s style legacy. RIP. 🇬🇧


The Queen’s beautiful homes during her lifetime. 


The enduring style of the Queen in photos. 


The classic, beautiful cars of the Royal family.


Style & Design


You’ve haven’t seen menus with this much class in a while. 


Custom cabinetry adds the extra touch in this sleek but warm home in Amsterdam.


The most fun candles you’ve laid eyes on. 


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock house reopens for visitors in LA.


A tour of the late Glenn O’brien’s home in Upstate, NY


The stunning Palm Springs architecture used in the upcoming drama, Don’t Worry Darling.


A beautiful rammed-earth ranch house in Marfa blends modernity with sustainability.


If you’re in NYC, check out Casa Magazines.


Minimal homes that inspire calm.


This structured but modest architect’s home in Mexico.


Saying goodbye to the ubiquitous NYC Metrocard Machines.


Suit style. 


How to maximize natural light in your home.


Old-school cool J. Crew catalog covers.


Photography legend Slim Aaron's most stylish snaps.

A concrete 80's architectural masterpiece in Barcelona.




Breed specifics of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Queen’s favorite. 


How the Queen loved her dogs.


A past interview with one of the Queen’s dog trainers.


4-minutes of the Queen being delighted by dogs [video]


The full story of the royal Corgi’s.

A photo gallery of the Queen and her dogs over the years.