10 Beautiful Non-toxic Plants for Dogs That Will Elevate Your Home Décor

non-toxic-plants for dogs

Plants are one of the easiest ways to spruce up your home décor. But, you probably know that some plants are not healthy for your dog if they try to take a bite. It can be challenging to keep all your plant babies away from a pet on a mission to chew. So, it’s up to you to include non-toxic plants for dogs that can still look fabulous with your home décor. 

At LAY LO, we’re all about pairing beautiful designs with the realities of everyday life. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite non-toxic plants for dogs that will also elevate your home décor game and even pair perfectly with your LAY LO bed.

spider plant

1. Spider Plant

Style: this crazy-looking plant is relaxed and easy-going, much like your bohemian aesthetic. 

Where it goes: spider plants are the perfect companions to add by the living room, next to a large window. 

Care: prefers bright lights; however, they will also grow in semi-shady environments. Water them throughout the summer and mist them occasionally. They’re all about a fast-draining and well-aerated potting mix. 

Pairs with: Blue Bogolan Dog Bed

boston fern

2. Boston Ferns

Style: they add just the touch of greenery bohemian, rustic, and shabby chic homes need. The foliage is non-toxic to cats and dogs, so you can brighten up any room in your home. 

Where it goes: since they thrive in humid spaces, keep them by the dining room, office, or in your guest bathroom.

Care: ferns thrive in lots of bright, indirect light. But what makes them shine is humidity, especially during the winter months, so keep them close to your humidifier. 

Pairs with: Sage Dog Bed

african violent

3. African Violet

Style: one of the most popular flowering house plants. African violets are cute for every environment, but if your home style is contemporary or eclectic, then their vibrant color will fit right in. 

Where it goes: they look cute in small pots, so keep one or two together in your guest bathroom, or place them away from windows, maybe in the kitchen. 

Care: to show them some love, you want to choose a soil-free potting mix, a balanced fertilizer, and keep them in indirect sunlight. These beautiful non-toxic plants bloom in low light. They love the same conditions you like: moderate temperatures and ok levels of humanity.

Pairs with: Pink Terrazzo Dog Bed

baby tears

4. Baby Tears

Style: you probably wish you could cover an entire wall with these tiny green leaves; we sure do. If your home is all about minimalism or Scandinavian style, then this non-toxic plant is perfect for your house. 

Where it goes: baby tear plants look amazing in small hanging terrariums, small baskets, and around the base of your indoor trees.

Care: these thrive in bright, filtered light, with occasional intense sunlight baths. They can also do well under artificial lights indoors. 

Pairs with: Gray Dog Bed

areca palm

5. Areca Palm

Style: if you’re looking to add large plants to your decor, then an areca palm is a no-brainer. This plant will instantly transform any interior space to feel like the tropics, so we see it all the time in bohemian home decor spaces.

Where it goes: because they’re on the large side, areca palms go well in living rooms, usually by a corner next to a large window. 

Care: as expected, areca palms thrive in bright environments, but they don’t necessarily need direct sunlight. Just allow the soil to dry out between waterings, and she’ll continue to be as bright as you are. 

Pairs with: White Rain Dog Bed


6. Calathea

Style: calathea plants are unique, their large tropical leaves with distinctive stripes. You can pair them with different styles, but there’s something about their uniqueness that pairs particularly well with mid-century modern style. We love their sudden violet hints and the rubbery texture of their leaves. They’re pretty versatile. 

Where it goes: since they do well in less than bright rooms, keep them close to windows. Great spots for this small plant include the office, side tables in the living room, or by your nightstand. 

Care: they thrive in medium to bright indirect light but can do okay with low indirect light. They’re not too keen on water, so wait for the soil to dry out halfway between waterings. 

Pairs with: Ecru Striped Altuzarra x LAY LO Dog Bed

friendship plant

7. Friendship Plant

Style: we adore this plant’s name; it has a deep, almost emerald hue that instantly transforms a space. Its weird-looking, textured leaves make us think they’ll be the perfect non-toxic plant to add to your modern home decor. 

Where it goes: they do their best in humid environments with low light, so these are your go-to bathroom decor plants.

Care: they thrive in high humidity environments, so many plant them in terrarium spaces.

Pairs with: Black Chevron Dog Bed

peperomia plant

8. Peperomia

Style: peperomia species come in so many colors, and textures you can décor your entire home with them, and no one will know they’re the same species. A lighter peperomia works well in farmhouse styles. While the darker ones go well with minimalism and Scandinavian décor styles. They’re non-toxic for dogs and cats, look great in hanging baskets, and are so versatile they truly go with any home décor style.

Where it goes: they’re very versatile, so you can place them anywhere from your home office to your living room and any other area in between. 

Care: peperomia plants are very forgiven, even if you forget to water them occasionally. They thrive in medium to bright environments and prefer for their soil to dry in between watering. 

Pairs with: Ecru Diamond Altuzarra x LAY LO Dog Bed

areca palm

9. Ponytail Palm

Style: the long, curly, and elegant leaves of the ponytail palm are so whimsical they’ll add a feminine touch to any room you place them in. Eclectic homes, Scandinavian décor, and minimalistic styles all pair well with the ponytail palm. 

Where it goes: the closer you can get them to the definition of an outdoor patio in your home, the better. Palms need bright light, so keep them close to those large windows. 

Care: as most palms, she thrives in a bright light environment, so keep them close to windows, or take them out for occasional sunbaths. They also do best with less water, so wait for their soil to dry in between watering. 

Pairs with: Terra Dog Bed Cover


10. Haworthia 

Style: succulents can seem intriguing to your pets, so make sure they’re also non-toxic for them. Haworthia is as easy to care for like a fake succulent. We think they have that rustic vibe but might do well in bohemian home settings with the right planter. 

Where it goes: they do great in kitchens, windows, and any other spot in between.

Care: they thrive in bright light, and unlike your fake succulents, they really like to get a bath every week, so make sure to keep a reminder. Just don’t keep them in a pot without drainage, otherwise, their soil gets too humid, and they won’t thrive as you wish. 

Pairs with: Classic White Terrazzo Dog Bed

Who says non-toxic plants for dogs have to be dull? These ten popular choices prove that you can elevate your home décor, keep your pup safe, and even match the plants with your dog bed.