Introducing: Laylo x Altuzarra Collection

Laylo Pets Joseph Altuzarra

At Laylo, we are committed to creating an ever-changing assortment of beautiful dog beds you can be proud to display in your home. That's why we partnered with world-renowned fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra to dream up two limited edition bed designs for our Laylo x Altuzarra collection. You might just want to walk it (and your pup) down the runway.

Read below to sneak a peek into our process as we talked to Gabriela Baiter, Laylo's founder, about the experience.

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Gabriela, what was your favorite part of collaborating with Joseph Altuzarra?

Concepting was by far one of our favorite parts. At Laylo, we often pull inspiration from art, fashion, and culture to inform how the collection feels. With Joseph's sophisticated design palette and his brand's already strong use of pattern and color, we knew that together we were going to create something special. We couldn't have asked for a better partner.


How did you approach co-designing alongside Joseph to ensure the items in the collection reflected both of your brands and aesthetics?

When we dreamed up Laylo, our goal was to release a new collection every few months – so our customers could change the look of their space with a cover swap.

We view our dog beds as a canvas for creativity, which came through in the design process. Joseph and his team would send us sketches of unique designs and inspiration. We would provide feedback based on our experience with the fabric and our two and four-legged customers love.

When it came down to the design details, we always produced physical samples for Joseph and his team to test the hand feel. It indeed was a collaborative process, all the way down to the custom collaboration logo stamped into the Italian leather patch.

Seeing our brand name next to his was so amazing and represented the months of hard work together. We swooned when we first saw it on the bed!

What do you love most about your co-designed item(s)? 

The heathered Ecru color looks so amazing in our knitted material. When Joseph's team shared that they wanted this specific color, we knew that we had to get creative with our design process to achieve that.

We experimented with a special weave that creates a heathered look using three different colored threads. This created an Ecru color that looks great next to any furniture while anchoring the two designs as a pair. We also love the patch!

This is the first design collaboration for Laylo, so it is incredible to have that represented in a hand-stamped patch by Joseph's leather artisans in Italy and hand-stitched to our team's beds in Brooklyn. It may be just a patch, but it signifies a partnership we're really proud of. 

What was your favorite part of designing this item?

I may be a little biased here, but it was extraordinary to design this collection alongside two other New York-based brands. We take pride in manufacturing every bed out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, so creating our first collaboration "locally" meant a lot to us.

From being able to courier samples over for same-day feedback to reviewing the final product with the Etsy team at our studio in Brooklyn, this not only increased efficiency but made it a lot more fun.

How do you imagine this item being used/styled?

We started Laylo to solve this exact problem! The pet industry hasn't evolved for the design-conscious consumer, so we create new designs with this in mind.

The bed's unique knitted material allowed us to fulfill Joseph's vision without sacrificing breathability or comfort for our customer's pups. With this collection having a neutral color palette but strong geometric shapes, we imagine minimalist and eclectic homes.

For the Diamond print, perhaps it will be next to an Eames chair and monstera plant. For the Striped, it can make a big statement entirely on its own. I know it's strange to talk about a dog bed in this way, but it truly can make a difference in the rooms of your home.

If you could share one thing about this item, what would it be?

Definitely the Laylo style-swap system. We designed our dog beds to function similarly to human beds, with a mattress you can purchase once and cover with multiple designs to accent your space.

Whether it's the two complementary designs in the Altuzarra x Laylo collection or future design collaborations, we want our customers to continuously be inspired to change up the look of their space.

Shop the Altuzarra x Laylo collection >>