House of LAY LO: Issue 1

House of LAY LO: Issue 1

Image above from Massimiliano Bomba's short film

This week we’ve been working hard on our upcoming collection launch which brings to life some classic & timeless patterns that we’ve never seen in a dog bed before. We only made a small initial quantity, so be teasing out ways to reserve one before they launch (and before they run out). Email us if you want more info.

The Links

The work of director Massimiliano Bomba, including this short film for brand The Frankie Shop that paints an idyllic day in the life in Florence, Italy.

A renovated 17th-century cottage blends rustic with modernity

Don’t be fooled. These beautiful, realistic homes aren’t photos.

This interior mood.

The most curated selection of unique vintage goods you’d actually want. They just finished a partnership with A24 films.

A roundup of beautiful, cozy bedroom interiors your pup would love to jump into.

10 homes with open plan workspaces that you’d die for.

This New Orleans shotgun renovation adds space and class to a tired home.

This Soho House for dogs in Santa Monica, CA.

Meet the photographer documenting pets at the Ukraine border.

UFO-shaped residence designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice up for sale.

These standout apartment interiors will make you think.

This mid-century home in East LA is worth the look.

A beautiful Japanese-inspired home goes for sale in Portland, OR.

This breathtaking home on the Tasmanian shoreline.

Tips for summer living with your dog at home.

This week’s dog for adoption:

Henry Dog for Adoption Palm Springs Animal Shelter

Henry 5 yrs, Palm Springs Animal Shelter.


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