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Raise the very best dog at home with 1:1 online mentorship from Ashwini Aiyar - a certified force-free trainer.

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Ashwini Aiyar, CSAT

Ashwini is a powerhouse within the force-free dog training community. Hailing from Sri Lanka, Ashwini was the first certified dog trainer in the country where she pioneered a range of canine services. With 15 years of training experience and thousands of sessions under her belt, she has devoted her career to understanding dogs. Armed with multiple certifications, Ashwini is a senior veteran trainer with eight areas of specialty.

As the Head of Behavior at Homeschool by LAY LO™, Ashwini's extensive expertise is essential to guiding our training philosophy and mission.

Ashwini's Experience

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We've helped thousands of people improve life at home with their dogs through our award-winning products and online support from our expert collective. And with Homeschool's "better pup" guarantee, you'll rest easy knowing that there is no better place to train than at home with the person your dog trusts the most, you.

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